ADR Offer


Welcome to our website.

You are here because you have received our offer from your bank or broker.

If you would like to accept the offer, we ask for written instructions to your custodian bank including the blocking notice. The bank should take care of everything else for you.

If your custodian bank is not in a position to accept the offer and you still wish to take advantage of the offer, you can also do so digitally via our website.

To accept the offer without your custodian bank, you must complete the following steps:

  1. enter data on our website
  2. confirm e-mail address
  3. you will receive the acceptance declaration, which you must sign
  4. current deposit statement not older than September 20, 2022 from your bank/broker as PDF file
  5. proof of the custodian institution about blocking notice of the securities as PDF
  6. copy of identity document as PDF (passport or ID card)
  7. upload all documents on our website.